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Best Place to Live in Houston | Greater Heights

The Houston Heights

One of the Best places to live is The Greater Heights… The Houston Heights, b.k.a. the “Greater Heights,” is a wonderful spot to call home and enjoy the surrounding area. It is one of the most historically significant neighborhoods in Houston. It is home to some of the finest housing options, shopping districts and opportunities for outdoor recreation. In addition, it features scrumptious restaurants, hotspots for nightlife, parks, and opportunities for recreation. Greater than 44,000 people call Heights their home at any given time. You can get some excellent Cajun food at Gumbo Jeaux’s, or you can have genuine Italian pizza at Coltivare Pizza & Garden.

Best Areas to Live in the Greater Heights

The Greater Heights is beloved by its residents for its historic parks, where activities like walking, running, sports, and biking are enjoyed. Alongside its vibrant personality, The Heights boasts exceptional educational institutions, catering to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Educational facilities in this area are overseen by the Houston Independent School District, with private school options also available for families seeking alternative educational experiences. The Greater Heights truly has it all and is one of the best areas to live in Houston!


Situated to the north-northwest of the central business district, The Greater Heights is flanked by Shady Acres and the Woodland Heights on each side. To the left of The Heights are Lazybrook and Timbergrove, two neighboring areas that together form part of the region. The northern parts of The Greater Heights border Oak Forest and Independence Heights, adding to its rich historical and cultural diversity.

Living in The Greater Heights, Houston

The Greater Heights offers a unique blend of city living and a quiet neighborhood atmosphere, just minutes away from Downtown. Unlike many other locations inside the 610 Loops, The Houston Heights is predominantly residential, stretching from Interstate 10 to the northern edge of the 610 Loop. While it boasts its own array of enticing restaurants, shops, and hangout spots, it is primarily designed as a residential area. This makes The Heights an ideal location for families, especially those with parents working in Downtown Houston or nearby.

While opinions may vary on The Heights’ boundaries, most consider them to be I-10 to the south, the 610 Loop to the north, I-45 to the east, and the 610 Loop again to the west, though some place its western boundary around TC Jester Blvd. The area’s neighborhoods seamlessly blend into one another, offering a unique collection of homes, from fifty to seventy years old to modern urban lofts. This eclectic mix is reflected in the commercial establishments, many of which are housed in renovated garages and warehouses, appealing to young professionals starting their careers.

Young professionals are drawn to The Heights for its diverse dining, bar, café, and retail options. The 19th Street strip is a popular gathering spot, known for its walkability and abundance of restaurants, shops, and unique establishments, including antique stores.

Art in The Heights

While Montrose is often hailed as Houston’s most artistic neighborhood, The Greater Heights boasts its fair share of art galleries and a general focus on the arts. While it may not have Montrose’s bohemian reputation, The Heights offers a contemporary take on art, with over a dozen galleries in the area. Its central location also makes it a convenient base for enjoying Houston’s festivals, such as the Bayou City Art Festival, the Art Car Parade, the First Saturday Arts Markets, and the Via Colori Street Painting Festival.

Family Life in The Heights

The Greater Houston Heights is not just a hub for young professionals; families with children have also found a home in its communities, making it a suburban oasis within the city. With its few main roads and large neighborhoods in every direction, The Heights offers a peaceful atmosphere, complemented by notable local schools like Travis Elementary, Harvard Elementary, and Field Elementary, all supported by the local neighborhood.

In essence, The Houston Heights embodies the ideal blend of urban living and suburban tranquility. Its diverse population and friendly neighborhood vibe make it a truly special place to call home.


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